Front Towards Gamer

Front Towards Gamer


File Name: Censored

Primary Military Speciality: Covert Ops

Secondary Military Speciality: Not having a penis

Home of Record: Somewhere in the UK

Discovered by Shanghai Six in an underground bunker armed with a machete, a tin of beans and a tattered copy of The Zombie Survival Guide, GG was coaxed out of her fetid pit and enlisted to the ranks of the Rebel Camp, on the proviso that she could use the other staff members as bait in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Raised on a diet of 80’s cartoons, classic movies, fantasy & sci-fi fiction, video games, and food stuffs that can be eaten with only one free hand, GG exceeds the minimum N.E.R.D. requirements (Not Enough Real Daylight) but with the discovery of sun screen, has been imbued with the powers of the Day Walker and can often pass herself off as an average member of society.

gamergirltalk, gamer girl,Well…most of the time.

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