5 Ways The Elder Scrolls is Turning Into Fable

skyrim fable

For years, the Fable series has been the video game equivalent of the Carry On films; bawdy, tongue-in-cheek, and just a little bit camp. But it seems that Lionhead’s influence may have started to rub off on the slightly more subdued Elder Scrolls, if the few new additions to Skyrim are anything to go by.

Campy Characters

Clavicus Vile, a Daedric Prince, didn’t have the manliest of voices in Oblivion, but it was still in keeping with the tone of the game. Cue Clavicus Vile circa Skyrim and you’d be forgiven for thinking that Todd Howard had dipped into the Lionhead pool of voice actors for this one, not to mention his faithful mutt Barbas who sounds like he should be driving a cab in downtown New York. Incidentally, both are voiced by the same actor.

Furry Sidekick

If you’ve played Fable 2 or 3, you’ve already experienced the joy to be had running around the landscape with a man’s best friend in tow. Well now you can have your own four-legged companion in Skyrim. A dog can either be purchased or if you feel like doing some good, you can always adopt a stray wandering in the wild. Take note though, normal dogs are not as hardcore as the semi-magical Barbas who can take a good hacking from anything pointy and still maul his attacker to death. In fact, they are infinitely more annoying than their Fable counterparts so don’t feel too guilty if you have a change of heart like this chap.

Pimp My Pad

Although you were able to stock your home with display cases in Oblivion,  the basic interaction of putting something in them to display wasn’t very straightforward. In fact, some people weren’t aware that they were functional at all. But the latest instalment of The Elder Scrolls has taken a leaf out of Fable’s book and when you buy a house, there are empty plaque’s dotted along the walls just waiting for you to mount your big weapons on them.

Playing Dress Up

The Sanctuary in Fable 3 contains a number of rooms, one of which is used to display your wardrobe collection on an array of mannequins. Once you have amassed enough wealth in Skyrim to splash out on Proudspire Manor in Solitude or perhaps a more modest home in Riften, you’ll find some mannequins in the basement that you can dress up in any clothes you have to spare, to make picking out outfits for that special occasion a smidge easier. Just don’t use them for combat practice or you may regret it…

I do

Following in the footsteps of Fable, you can now get married to a significant other of your choice in Skyrim, regardless of sex or species. Just be careful you don’t get a snide priest at the ceremony making references to “loving gays” like this one…

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One response to “5 Ways The Elder Scrolls is Turning Into Fable”

  1. Billy says :

    Nice list. There’s also a ‘Clairvoyance’ spell in Skyrim which reminds me of Fable’s breadcrumb system (shows you the way to your objective). Skyrim does it much better though IMHO.

    I notice a lot of British isle accents creeping into Skyrim which definitely remind me of Fable. I especially like Brynjolf’s Scottish accent (the fella in the thieves guild).

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